My name is Ellie Huxtable. I’m a software/infrastructure engineer, and am at my happiest when I’m building something cool. I love an adventure, and if I’m not at a computer there’s a good chance I’m riding a motorcycle.

Here I am trying to maintain a personal wiki, or a second brain. I often explore many technologies or ideas, and then promptly completely forget them. I’ve found that writing my learnings and thoughts down is immensely helpful.

This site is constantly shifting, but here are some things you may be interested in

  • Posts, a selection of my longer-form writing and thoughts
  • Projects - over the years I’ve built a lot of things, but the main two I’m known for are my iPod and Atuin.
  • Life, where I’m writing about my travels, adventures, and life in general
  • I also keep some notes on a variety of topics! It may be easier to browse those by tag.


I gave my first talk at FOSDEM in 2023, and am looking forward to giving more in the future!


I currently lead the infrastructure team at PostHog, regularly working with Kubernetes and Terraform.

Previously, I’ve worked at Coinbase, Tracr and Arachnys. You can stalk my Linkedin if you really want to.


Please do get in touch!

Email: ellie @ <this domain>
GitHub: @ellie
Mastodon: @[email protected]
Twitter: @ellie_huxtable