An update

I liked this so much that I actually replaced my whole blog with it! Now my blog is just a part of the whole. Quartz updated around the time I wrote this, and it solved a bunch of my frustrations, so I’m using it now.

I first blogged about having a personal wiki more than three years ago now. It was a nice try at solving the “I’d like to keep notes in public” problem, but it still didn’t really do it for me. I kept it up to date for about a month, and then it was abandoned.

I’d built it with Hugo, a static site generator. The setup was pretty smooth and only required me to edit/update some markdown.

I’ve tried static site generators so many times, but I’ve never been truly happy with them. I think because it feels too much like writing code, and I get too distracted trying to automate my setup or tweak settings or whatever. I also don’t blog frequently enough to remember all the front matter options, and end up having to check the docs far too much.

I’ve seen games developers say to “make games, not engines” and I felt like I was just making an engine.

Anyways. I’ve been using Obsidian for a while, and decided I’d try it out for a public wiki. To begin with I tried a few setups using static site generators like Quartz, and the Obsidian git sync plugin. But again, I found myself tinkering with setups and not just taking some notes. Maybe someday I’ll go for something more custom, but for now that’s not the point.

Obsidian Publish solved the problem really nicely for me, and I’ve been happy with it for the past month or two! I usually update it a few times a week, and I really like the way it presents things.

I’m still playing with how I organize things a bit (one big page I keep adding to with new things, or lots of little notes?), but what matters most is that I’m actually writing things down.